Orias Bastet


9.5 shoe
Medium length auburn hair
No tattoos- minimal petite piercings


Playful nudity is the max, nothing graphic
topless is the limit on video


Outdoors, abandoned buildings, kinky undertones, getting dirty, animals, unique furniture, and hot women


Bondage, Wrestling, Hero/villian, body Torture/woship, abusing hot women, getting abused by cool men hehe


50/hr-200/hr dependent on adult level, difficulty, preparation time, release needed, and wardrobe/prop requirements.  I'm always willing to negotiate for projects i love and people that will be regular clients


I have worked in all genres from commercial, glamour, adult, to promo, stage shows, and public speaking on these.  I have been published, featured, honored, and awarded for various things.  I have worked with top companies as well as new artists.  I treat all my assignments with equal enthusiasm and professionalism


I do regular work with fellow artists just for the sake of art, however i will never accept these requests from people i have never worked with before or who haven't worked with many of my friends prior.  If you hire me and then we work well together then we can discuss coming up with shoots strictly for fun, for portfolios, or for art